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Sports equipment for small gardens

by katie malkinson 04 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Now summer has arrived, so does the hunt for the perfect activity to keep the children occupied.  Not everyone has a big back garden so here are some ideas for those with more compact outdoor spaces.

small garden sports equipment


Crazy Catch – they say that the best ideas are the simple ones and this is a great example! The Crazy Catch is a rebounder net so children and adults alike can practise their catching, hitting and kicking.  It doesn’t need much space at all. 

Netball Post –  These don’t take up much room at all and although you need a little space to be able to stand back and aim, they are ideal sports’ kit for a small garden.  They help develop hand-eye coordination which is an essential skill in so many sports.  Boys shouldn’t be put off from giving it a go either as the men’s netball game is growing in the UK and there are some mixed teams also.

Quick Hitting Net  – golf is a fantastic cross-generational sport and this net can be used by both adults and children.  The net takes the force out of the ball and stops it flying over the hedge and through someone’s window!  You just need space for the net and some space to swing your club and you’re off – no need for the driving range any longer!

Cricket Batting Net – like golf, cricket uses a very hard ball which makes it difficult to practise with in small gardens.  But not with one of these fantastic batting nets.  The net is secured into the ground and provides a great deal of space for swinging the cricket bat, but yet takes the force of the blow when the cricket ball hits.  There is a larger version too which has a front curtain to prevent any balls heading back towards the bowler.  We have one of these in our garden and it has been used so much! If cricket in the back garden makes you nervous then the V Pro Net is the solution as the ball is attached to the net so there no danger of it flying through a window! 

Cricket Feed Buddy  – This has been a hugely popular cricket product this year. The innovative Feed Buddy delivers accurate, gentle feeds to allow batsmen to practice their technique. Compatible with tennis balls, it does not require much space if the batter controls their shots!

Q Fold Goal –  This would make a great Christmas present for the football mad child in your family.  It is a robust football goal that folds flat so it takes up less room. Built to last but importantly takes just 30 seconds to fold back out and be football ready. 

Hopefully that has provided you with some sporty inspiration but if you’re still stuck, don’t forget that we are more than happy to take your calls or answer your emails to help you choose between all the great equipment on the Little Big Sports’ website. 

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