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About the Feed Buddy

We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new batting aid - the Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Machine. The Feed Buddy is an automated cricket feed machine designed to help players improve at cricket with a more gentle feed than a standard cricket bowling machine. 

This innovative product provides accurate ball feeds which allows batsmen to consistently hit balls to practice their cricket shots and hone their technique on their own, whatever their age or ability.

How does the Feed Buddy work?

The Feed Buddy releases a ball every 5 seconds on a gentle feed that travels 3 to 4 metres making it ideal for the garden or even indoors. In addition, there are four settings to switch between closer or longer feeds depending on the size of space that you have available.

The Feed Buddy works with either tennis balls or light bowling machine balls. It can be purchased from us with no balls included, with a set of 6 tennis balls, or a set of 6 Feed Buddy balls (light bowling machine balls).

What is so good about the Feed Buddy?

The Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Machine is beneficial because the accurate feeds help to teach proper batting form through repetition, allowing players to simply groove technique to improve without having to deal with inaccurate throws. This makes it perfect for serious batsmen of any ability to practice a variety of shots and improve their skills.

The Feed Buddy will especially help young cricketers increase their confidence at the game by improving their hand-eye coordination, reaction time, mental preparation and physical strength and it's a fantastic way to have fun whilst improving cricket skills. 

By using the Feed Buddy, players are able to learn how to play under pressure as they attempt to hit more balls back at a faster speed and the automatic system means that a cricketer can practice alone. 

Plus, as a battery-powered machine, the Feed Buddy is highly portable making it great for taking on days out.

The Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Machine is also great for use in cricket coaching as the consistent and accurate feed means a coach can demonstrate a shot and then observe and analyse how their student plays the shot without having to worry about supplying them accurate balls. The player can then repeat the shot to improve their technique under tuition. 

Feed Buddy Balls

Feed Buddy recommends the use of their own light machine bowling balls, which can be purchased with the Feed Buddy or are sold separately here. Alternatively, the Feed Buddy also works with tennis balls which can also be purchased at the same time - see above for options.

Additional info about the Feed Buddy

Included with the Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Machine is a 6 ball feeder. To bat for longer without stopping to pick up balls, an additional ball feeder with a capacity of 6 balls can also be purchased.

The Feed Buddy is battery powered (4 x D batteries are needed) and weighs only 2 kg, making the Cricket Feed Buddy a revolutionary new machine that is a truly portable batting aid.

The Cricket Feed Buddy is a brilliant buy for any cricketer looking to improve their batting and will keep the children occupied for hours in the garden! It's also perfect for use on the drive, in the house, or at the cricket club.

Delivery is free of charge.

Please note that batteries are NOT included


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