Quick Hit 8 x 8 Hitting Net
The Quick Hit 8 x 8 Hitting Net is perfect for golf or cricket practice in the garden, club or even in the park. Measuring 8 foot x 8 foot (2.4m x 2.4m) this large net gives the player something...
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PuttOUT Golf Putting Mat
Want to improve your putting? Then look no further than the PutOUT putting mat. The quality nylon surface simulates the feel and speed of a medium to fast paced green. The strong, rubber backing to the mat means it lies...
£69.99 from £59.99
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PuttOUT Golf Putting trainer
The PuttOUT Putting trainer is a brilliant, inexpensive aid to help improve a golfers putting. Designed to simulate putting into a real hole, each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have travelled past the hole had it...
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Quick Hit 10 x 7 Hitting Net
The 10 x 7 Quick Hit Hitting Net has an even larger hitting area than the Quick Hit 8 x 8 Hitting Net The frame is manufactured out of steel and fibreglass, making it is sturdy but light weight. The poles...
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US Kids Golf Yard Club
The US Kids Golf Yard Club is a great starter club for children new to the game of golf. It has been designed so youngsters learn the fundamentals of the game whilst hitting the ball and having fun in the...
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PGA Tour Launch Pad Pro 2 in 1 Golf Mat
The PGA Tour Launch Pad 2 in 1 hitting mat is perfect for practising golf in the garden. Featuring long and short artificial grass it simulates fairway and rough lies on the golf course. Robust, it is suitable to be...
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US Kids Golf 7 Iron
US Kids Golf products are specially designed for children as the clubs are significantly lighter than an adult club with a flexible shaft to make it easier and more fun to play golf.  The 7 Iron is sole-weighted with a...
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PGA Tour Pro Golf Driving Net
The PGA Tour Pro Golf driving net is a great training aid for aspiring golfers to improve their golf in the garden. The net has the three targets for practising lobbing, chipping and pitching. Made out of high quality material...
£89.99 £62.99
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Golf Chipping Return Net
The Quick Play Chip return net does what it says; it returns the ball to the golfer following a successful chip shot. It has been designed for golfers to improve their short game in the garden without needing a huge...
£48.99 £30.99
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US Kids Golf Jekyll Steel Putter
The US Kids Golf Ultralight Jekyll steel putter is a classic putter which is ideal for younger golfers. It has been designed to encourage easy alignment and reduced twisting whilst practicing putting. The putter has a steel shaft and rubber...
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US Kids Golf First Club Putter
The putting green is the best place to introduce children to golf. With this in mind we think that US Kids Golf First Club Putter is the perfect first club for any toddler with a passion for golf (or with...
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US Kids Golf Ultralight Driver
The US Kids Golf Ultralight Driver has an oversize head in a pear-shaped design for high launch. It makes playing easier, is really forgiving and will encourage youngsters by hitting consistent, longer shots. Available in various sizes.Our son loves his...
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Airflow Practice Golf Balls
A pack of 6 Masters XP airflow white golf balls. Hollow and manufactured from a softer plastic compound these airflow balls are safer for golf practice in smaller spaces and in the garden The scalloped holes ensure the ball flies...
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Precision Multi Sport 7 x 7 Practice Net
We are pleased to introduce the Precision Multi Sport Practice Net. Ideal for practising a variety of sports including golf, cricket and baseball.   Measuring 7' x 7' (213xm x 213cm) the net is quick and easy to set up due...
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Golf Hitting Mat
This QuickPlay large golf hitting mat is great for garden practice paired with a Quick Hit Net. Measuring 1.5m x 1m, the golf mat cushions the club during the ball strike. The mat is weatherproof and is made from Premium 13mm...
£39.99 £29.99
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Wide range of golf products. Including golf nets, putting mats, first clubs and US Kids Golf products
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