Samba Rugby Post - Free Delivery
The Samba Rugby Post is 9' 6" wide x 12' high with the crossbar 6' 6" high. It is made of high impact uPVC therefore is light in weight, easy to assemble yet robust and virtually maintenance free. Perfect for...
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Mitre Sabre Rugby Ball
The Mitre Sabre rugby ball is a great value, starter rugby ball for children. The deep pimple emboss featured on this rugby ball is a fantastic addition, making handling significantly more comfortable.
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Samba Football and Rugby Goal Posts - Free Delivery
The Samba Football and Rugby Goal Post set makes a 12' x 6' goal with locking system or can be easily converted into a rugby post by removing the the top corners and adding the 'T' bar. Brilliant, versatile piece...
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Gilbert G- TR 3000 Training Rugby Ball
The Gilbert Zenon Trainer rugby ball has been designed to deliver outstanding performance in junior rugby.  This rugby ball has a high grip surface to enhance players handling which also makes it easier to train in wet weather. It is a...
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Safeguard Rugby Mouthguard
The Safeguard Rugby Mouthguard is a good value and effective mouthguard. Heat the mouthguard in water and then bite into it to ensure it gives a perfect fit. Junior size  (up to and including 11 years of age).  Adult size...
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Safe Jawz Mouthguards
The SafeJawz mouthguard is a revolutionary gum shield ideal for protecting children's teeth when they are playing rugby, hockey, lacrosse or martial arts. Safe Jawz innovative Remodel Tech™ means the gum shield is easy to fit and can be remoulded...
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Mitre Sabre Mini Rugby Ball
The Mitre Sabre mini rugby ball is great first ball for any young aspiring rugby player. Also is excellent for skill training.
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Hothands Hand Warmers - Free Delivery
Hothands Hand Warmers have been a game changer for us. These heat packs have come to the rescue to quickly warm hands whilst watching sport and taking part in winter activities. Hothands are air activated to provide up to 10...
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Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble
The Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble is a two sided rebound net ideal for improving reactions and hand/eye co-ordination. Unlike the Professional Classic rebounder both sides are "insane" with a random rebound to challenge reaction. The beauty of the Double...
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Rhino Reflex Rugby Ball
The Rhino Reflex ball is great for practising rugby skills on your own. Essentially it is a half a rugby ball that you pass with the flat end against a wall or a Crazy Catch. The ball then rebounds back...
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