Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine with Free Delivery
The Baseliner Slam tennis machine is an affordable tennis ball machine which delivers accurate and consistent tennis simulation allowing tennis players to practise and improve their game in their back garden. With variable speeds up to 65 kmph it is...
from £289.99
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Portable Generator - Free Delivery
This rechargeable portable generator is compatible with the range of Paceman S2 bowling machines the , the Baseliner Slam tennis ball machine and the Home Ground Hockey ball machine Energy is stored in its built in battery which has been...
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Quick Play Spot Rebounder - Free Delivery
The Spot Rebounder is another excellent, portable product manufactured by QuickPlay Sports. Incredibly easy to assembleand pack away the Spot Rebounders are perfect for practising a variety of sports including football, tennis and cricket. The steel and fibre glass construction...
from £59.99
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Tennis Rebound Net
The tennis rebound net is ideal for children to practise their shots at home in the garden. This great product measures 7 foot x 7 foot (approx. 2.1m x 2.1m) when constructed. The sprung net is surrounded by a strong...
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Supido Sport Speed Radar - Free Delivery
The Supido Sport Speed Radar allows children (and adults) to measure movement or ball speed across a variety of sports. This is helpful to measure, analyse and track performance as well as being fun. With its hands free set up,...
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Movement Mat
The movement mat is a great mat to work on your coordination, agility and fast feet for any sport. This 1m square non-slip mat is divided into 8 numbered sections. Workcards are provided with 50 easy to follow drills.
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