US Kids Golf First Club Putter
The putting green is the best place to introduce children to golf. With this in mind we think that US Kids Golf First Club Putter is the perfect first club for any toddler with a passion for golf (or with...
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Xootz Pogo Stick
The Xootz Pogo stick is brilliant way to encourage children to be active . Not only will it provide hours of bouncing fun it will improve the child's coordination and balance.  This quality pogo stick is suitable for children over...
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Sidearm Club Cricket Ball Thrower
Looking for effective batting practice? Then look no further than the Sidearm Club Cricket Ball Thrower. This affordable piece of equipment offers quality batting practice and is loved by cricketers and cricket coaches alike. With delivery speeds of up to...
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E-Gift Card
Our Little Big Sports gift card is ideal for sending as a sporty e-gift for a birthday present or just because.  Gift cards are delivered by email to the person who has bought it. It can then be downloaded or forwarded...
from £10.00
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Wilson Roger Federer Tennis Racket
The Wilson Roger Federer Tennis Racket is ideal for the more competitive junior player. The lighter weight frame and shortened length make the racket easier to handle and more forgiving. Constructed from 23mm beam alloy, this lightweight frame is easy...
from £23.99
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PGA Tour Launch Pad Pro 2 in 1 Golf Mat
The PGA Tour Launch Pad 2 in 1 hitting mat is perfect for practising golf in the garden. Featuring long and short artificial grass it simulates fairway and rough lies on the golf course. Robust, it is suitable to be...
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Gray Nicolls Powerbow Thunder Junior Cricket Bat
No matter how young you are, playing with a 'real' bat is a must for any young cricketer. The Powerbow Blaze is a great looking bat and superb for playing in the garden, park or on the pitch. The back...
from £19.99
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US Kids Golf Ultralight Driver
The US Kids Golf Ultralight Driver has an oversize head in a pear-shaped design for high launch. It makes playing easier, is really forgiving and will encourage youngsters by hitting consistent, longer shots. Available in various sizes.Our son loves his...
from £24.99
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Aresson Mini Rounders Set
Introduce your children to rounders with the Aresson Mini Rounders Set. Perfect for children between the ages of 6 and 11 years of age. The set includes a bat, ball, stumps and rules in a carry case with handle. All...
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US Kids Golf Jekyll Steel Putter
The US Kids Golf Ultralight Jekyll steel putter is a classic putter which is ideal for younger golfers. It has been designed to encourage easy alignment and reduced twisting whilst practicing putting. The putter has a steel shaft and rubber...
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Mitre Foldable Pop Up Football Goals
The Mitre foldaway pop up football goals are great fun in the garden, park or on the beach. Ideal for youngsters and and parents who don't want their garden dominated by sports equipment! The Mitre Foldaway Pop Up Football Goals...
from £30.99
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US Kids Golf Girls Golf Shoes with Velcro
US Kids Golf Shoes are specially made for kids to help develop a balanced swing. Saddle shoe features an easy-on Velcro® fastener for young fingers (available in sizes up to and including a UK kids 12.5) . The spikeless StarWalker...
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US Kids Golf 9 Iron Training
The US Kids Golf 9 Iron with training grip has a specially moulded grip for the proper hand position. This a great first club for kids as helps them start playing the game with a good grip and a resulting...
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SwimFin Back Float Pink
SwimFin is an innovative and effective swimming aid for children. Unlike other products such as armbands and noodles it is worn on the back and holds the child in the perfect position to help them swim without restricting their arms....
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Girls US Kids Golf Dual Stripe Shoes
US Kids Golf shoes are a great brand, balancing quality with comfort. Shoes are important for young golfers to help with balance. These dual strip shoes are a great shoe for the beginner or more advanced player and include replaceable...
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Sportpax Football Backpack - Free Delivery
We love this football backpack. Not only is it fun and eye catching, it is extremely practical. It would make a great present for a sports mad child.The shell is made out of combination of EVA foam and material, which...
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M1B Football Boots
We are often contacted asking if we sell football boots in small sizes. After Mitre discontinued their small football boots we have not been able to help our customers. It is with great excitement that we are delighted to announce...
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