GM Opener Cricket Set
Great first cricket set for young children to start playing and enjoying the game of cricket. The set includes a molded plastic cricket bat, an all weather set of stumps with a sturdy base and a rubber ball. Suitable for...
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GM Diamond Cricket Set
The GM Diamond Cricket Set is a great wooden cricket set for the garden or park. A great way to introduce children to cricket Endorsed by Ben Stokes, it contains a bat (either size 1,  3 or 5), a soft...
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Readers Windball Cricket Set
The Readers Windball Cricket Set is an ideal starter set for children starting out playing cricket. This great value set includes two bats, two sets of stumps (2 bases and 6 stumps), 1 ball and a holdall. The small set...
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Kwik Cricket Set
The Kwik Cricket Set is the ideal first set for children starting to play cricket. Each set includes two bats, two sets of stumps, a ball, a holdall and the rules. Kwik Cricket is an approved product of the ECB...
from £62.99
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GM Sparq Cricket Set
The GM Sparq Cricket Set is one of our latest products. New in 2022, it is a good value wooden cricket set which includes batting gloves. Within the durable carry bag is a Sparq cricket bat, a pair of ambidextrous batting...
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Cricket sets for children
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