PuttOUT Golf Putting Mat
Want to improve your putting? Then look no further than the PutOUT putting mat. The quality nylon surface simulates the feel and speed of a medium to fast paced green. The strong, rubber backing to the mat means it lies...
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PGA Tour Launch Pad Pro 2 in 1 Golf Mat
The PGA Tour Launch Pad 2 in 1 hitting mat is perfect for practising golf in the garden. Featuring long and short artificial grass it simulates fairway and rough lies on the golf course. Robust, it is suitable to be...
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PuttOUT Golf Putting trainer
The PuttOUT Putting trainer is a brilliant, inexpensive aid to help improve a golfers putting. Designed to simulate putting into a real hole, each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have travelled past the hole had it...
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Golf Hitting Mat
This QuickPlay large golf hitting mat is great for garden practice paired with a Quick Hit Net. Measuring 1.5m x 1m, the golf mat cushions the club during the ball strike. The mat is weatherproof and is made from Premium 13mm...
£39.99 £29.99
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Golf hitting mats and golf putting mats for home practice
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