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Sporty Christmas Present Ideas for Children: Between £20 & £60

by katie malkinson 28 Oct 2023 0 Comments

If you’re struggling for Christmas present ideas for children, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few kids’ gift ideas under £60 which are sure to put a smile on their face on the 25th December.

Football Christmas Gifts

2024 is the year of the men’s UEFA European Championship, the women’s tournament that the Lionesses won in 2022. We hope that your UK nation has been successful in qualifying but if not, there will still be some great football on show.

Your footy fan will no doubt be getting excited, like us! Channel their enthusiasm with these fab football Christmas gifts.

Quick Play Kickster Academy Football Goal – all budding footballers want a football goal but not all parents want a permanent goal in the garden! This football goal is easy to assemble, easy to take down and you can even pack it up and take it out and about! Join junior football teams across the country in having this top-quality goal ready for the next Mary Earps or Bukayo Saka!

Kickster Academy Football Goal

Replay training ball – these balls are great especially if you have a small outdoor space or an enthusiastic kicker who’s frequently popping next door to ask for their ball back! The ball is so versatile – it’s portable, multiple people can play and it’s great for foot-eye coordination.

Cricket Christmas Gifts

Cricket is going to be included in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles which is fantastic news! This is going to be a great global platform for this much-loved sport.

In the meantime, help your little one perfect their batting and bowling skills with this essential cricket kit. You never know, you could be supporting a future Olympian.

GM Sparq Cricket Set – Gunn & Moore are one of the leading manufacturers of cricket equipment and so this is a great starter kit. There’s everything you need for your novice cricketer but importantly, it doesn’t include a hard ball!

GM Sparq Cricket Set

And for those cricket afficionados who want to play at all hours of the day … or just for a bit of fun, these Zing light up bails are perfect!

If you need to bring your little cricket player inside, Flickit Cricket is just the right enticement! All the family can play and get involved in an exciting T20 cricket match. Ideal for Christmas family get-togethers or friends to play over the holidays.

Golf Christmas Gifts

Your children may be inspired to play golf after Europe’s Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup success this year and we have everything they need to get started.

First putters are great for very young children to become familiar with a golf club but for children over the age of 4 to get to grips with golf then the US Kids Golf Yard Club is perfect. It comes with three golf balls and a moulded grip to help with the correct hand position. Be FORE you panic, the limited flight golf balls mean that it’s safe for this to be used in the garden!

US Kids Golf Yard Club

Tennis Christmas Gifts

Zsig tennis net – this tennis net works well in small gardens and is a great bit of kit for all generations. Starting children young benefits their hand-eye coordination and helps them build lasting skills for sport.

Of course, if they have the net, they need some racquets! We have Wilson US Open racquets and Wilson Roger Federer racquets, both of which are around the £30 mark. Tennis balls would complete the garden ‘kit-out’ and we have lots of those – even Roland Garros ones if you want to pretend you’re at the French Open!

Unusual Sporty Christmas Gifts

If the child in your life is looking for something a little bit different, then what about a pogo stick! They look like a bit of fun, but they can help to build solid core strength as well as those leg muscles for springing around the place!

If your child wants to approach their sport from a new angle, then the Shuffle Up! range is ideal for that. The pack contains numerous skills and exercises to improve performance and fitness for different sports. I love that this is making it easy for children to be motivated to improve their strength and with professional athletes involved in creating the exercises, you know your child is heading in the right direction! 

Or what about a Spike Ball set? Top athletes use Spike Ball as part of their training to maintain agility, but the game is great fun for all ages and all sporting abilities, and you can play it inside (although you do need some space!) or outside. This is one of our bestsellers so the trend for this new activity is catching on!

Spikeball Set

And last but not least, has your little one tried skateboarding? In contrast to the Spike Ball, skateboarding has been around for years and there are some fantastic youngsters coming through on the international stage … or should that be skate park. It requires balance and coordination, and these skills can be used in other sports too, especially surfing and snowboarding. Just don’t forget helmets and start on flat ground rather than a hill!

Enjoy your seasonal shopping! If you have any questions, just get in touch!

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