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Garden Sports Games: Host your own Summer Games 2024

by katie malkinson 31 May 2024 0 Comments

As the weather slowly gets ready for summer, it’s time to enjoy the fun of the garden or park. And, with so much sporting inspiration on the television over the coming months, why not hold your very own Garden Games. We’ve selected some of our favourites to light up your summer.

Nerf Driveway Tennis Set

Great value foam tennis set for young players. Fun on it’s own but twin with a mini tennis net and you’ve got your very own garden tennis tournament.

Nerf Driveway Tennis Set

Zsig Mini Tennis Garden Set

Take your family garden tennis to the next level with our tennis set. Robust and easy to pack away. Includes two mini tennis rackets

Take bouncing to the extreme with the Mega Bounce XTR; the world’s bounciest ball defies gravity, soaring higher than a two-story building when thrown hard. Gather your friends or family, head to the garden, and see who can achieve the most epic bounce.
Mega Bounce XTR bouncy ball

Zsig Garden Badminton Set

Badminton is a classic, and the Zsig Garden Badminton Set elevates it. With a wide 4.3-meter net, four rackets, and six shuttlecocks, it’s perfect for family tournaments. The lightweight, durable design ensures hours of spirited rallies under the sun.

Zsig Garden badminto set

QuickPlay Kickster Combo 8' X 5' Goal And Rebound Net

Sharpen your soccer skills with the QuickPlay Goal and Rebounder net. Super easy to set up as a goal or as a rebounder. Set it up in the garden for a match or to practice your skills. It’s like having your own training partner.

Kickster Combo goal and rebounder

Swingball Classic All Surface 3

Swingball is a nostalgic favourite. The Classic All Surface version lets you play on grass, sand, or even concrete. Whack the ball around the pole, and let the fun begin. It’s a game of reflexes, laughter, and friendly banter.

Swingball Classic All Surface

Zing Flashing Cricket Bails

Recreate the magic of T20 cricket with these flashing bails. They work with any stumps and will light up when dislodged.

Zing flashing cricket bails

GM Mana Cricket Set

Ideal for the garden or beach, this set includes a size 2, 6 or 6 size bat plus ambidextrous gloves, stumps, bails and a single stump for the bowler’s end. Includes a durable carry bag making it easy to pack for cricket anywhere!

Gunn & Moore Mana Junior Garden Cricket Set

Net 1 Netball Post

A great garden addition and adjustable to five different heights to grow with your child.

Net1 Netball Garden Post

Nerf Super Soaker Splashmouth

Have fun and keep cool as the weather warms up with our two mode super soaker. Battlers can pump to fire a stream of water, or they can open the hatch and fling all the water in one tremendous wave!

Nerf Super Soaker Splashmouth

This summer, let your garden come alive with laughter, and the delightful sound of sporting games in motion. These garden games create bonds, boost energy, and remind us that playtime knows no age. So, grab your gear, step into the sunshine, and let the games begin! 🌞🎾🏐

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