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Christmas gift ideas for junior golfers

by katie malkinson 09 Dec 2022 0 Comments

During 2022, we have built on our stock of leading children’s golf brand US Kids Golf with golf sets – golf bags that come with clubs so you’re little golfer is ready to tee off.  What we love about US Kids Golf, is its ethos and the fact that it was founded for the same reasons that Katie started Little Big Sports.  Its founder introduced his children to golf, but they lost interest because they found it difficult to use the heavy junior clubs – exactly what Katie found with cricket and cricket bats. 

We stock an range of US Kids Golf clubs, including the yard club which is specifically designed to help with grip, a bug bear of many a golfer so good to sort it out early.  A big advantage of these clubs is that there are clubs to suit your budding Rory McIlroy or Charley Hull as their height changes, handily colour coded - great for children to see how they’re progressing and for grandparents to know which colour to buy for gifts! 

If your child is already walking the course, they might be ready to refine their game.  We have some Christmas gifts which are perfect for your young golfer, helping them achieve more birdies than bogeys.

Putting aids

Crazy golf is a great introduction to the all-important shot, the putt, but many golf clubs will also have putting greens and even pitch and putt areas where young and old can practise. A putter is a great first club.  Start to build your child’s golf bag of clubs with this one from US Kids Golf, adding to it as your child moves away from putting and onto the fairway.

Golf greens are tended by greenkeepers until they are immaculate.  Sadly, not many of our own lawns are up to the same standard!  A putting mat helps solve this problem and the PuttOut mat creates the greens for you at home, indoors or outdoors thanks to its thick nylon back which means it can lie flat almost anywhere.  It has helpful alignment lines, targets and can be transported easily.  

Clever, simple design is what makes the PuttOut golf putting trainer effective and a great little gift for under the tree. The elliptical shape creates a golf hole absolutely anywhere and it’s designed so that shots that are on target stay in the ‘hole’.  Its compact size means that it’s portable so you can create a golf hole wherever you are!

As we all know golf is a tricky game but hopefully, these putting aids will help your young golfer sink their shots and have that punch the air moment!

The longer game 

These gifts are great for the child golfer who’s progressing to a bag full of clubs including the essential drivers and irons.

Whilst the PuttOut mat and the PuttOut golf putting trainer can be used inside and outside the PGA Tour golf mat is definitely for outside! This mat allows the golfer to practise hitting the ball off a tee, the fairway and the rough – all types of terrain that they’re likely to encounter on a course (unless they really are like Rory or Charley!)  It’s a hardy bit of kit and so can withstand a bit of ‘hacking’, and the type of hitting that might usually create divots – only this time lawns are protected!

A great golf partner for this mat is a net.  These nets ‘absorb’ golf balls’ pace and prevents them going through windows, over fences and into fields!  Let your child learn about hunting for balls on the golf course rather than in the back garden.

Stocking fillers

We know that children love having the kit that goes with sport and golf gloves make a perfect stocking filler.  Air float balls are always popular too – they can’t smash anything!

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Michelle Wiu and Charley Hull all started playing golf when they were very young and have gone on to have fantastic golfing careers.  It’s never too early to introduce your child to the wonderful game of golf - Tiger Woods famously started aged three!  These products mean that your child can start to build the skills and knowledge at any age, safely in the back garden.

If you have any questions about any of these products, then do get in touch – I’m always happy to discuss any queries.


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