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Christmas gifts for footballers

by katie malkinson 05 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Footballs, goals and training aids feature on letters to Father Christmas every single year! It’s the most popular sport in the world so here are some of our most popular football related Christmas gift ideas!

We definitely stock footballs. They come in various sizes depending on the age of your child – remember not to overwhelm your little footballer with a ball that’s too big!

Football goals
A staple of many back gardens, a football goal is must-have piece of equipment  and we will definitely have one to suit your needs. There are goals that can be packed away so that they can be transported or put away easily; these are great if you don’t want them up in the garden all the time.  

Larger goals form a more permanent goal structure and are perfect for the footy mad child who’s out there every day practising just like David Beckham did. These Samba goals are available in a range of sizes and have been designed to be left outside whatever the weather. 

Football training
The Spot Rebounder isn't a goal as you might think, but it provides wannabe strikers with a net to shoot into and a target and it saves their energy by rebounding the ball back to them! This is fantastic for those children who just want to kick and kick and kick the ball when their favourite goalie is having a rest - they’ll score every time!

The Kickster Combo combines both a goal and the Rebounder in one. It’s very quick and easy to assemble and take down, perfect for a football match but easy to adapt to the rebounder for training practice or when the child is on their own in the garden.This is one of our bestsellers.

The Replay ball also encourages repeated kicking (it’s a little like a tennis Swingball if you remember those!) and as well as keeping your mini Harry Kane or Beth Mead busy, it also helps to hone their foot-eye coordination – an essential skill when it comes to football. This ball doesn’t require a huge
amount of space like goals might so it’s perfect for smaller gardens or perhaps as something to keep the children active at a grandparents’ house.

Stocking fillers

If your child is just starting out with their football obsession or whether they’re ready to sign for one of the big clubs, we have something for everyone. Here are our top ideas!

New footballer
1. Shin pads – protection is key when it comes to playing sport and all children have to wear shin pads when playing competitively. We have slip ones that are really easy to put on as well as shin guards that are secured around the ankle.
2. Football socks – the socks that we stock are non-club specific so they’re great starter socks before your little one decides on their team (and they’re useful as spares too!) You need proper football socks to cover the shin pads and keep that protective layer in place.
3. For the mini-goalkeeper, gloves are a fab bit of kit and really make them feel the part as well as cushioning small hands.

Experienced footballer
If you’re looking for something extra for the footballer in your life who has everything, then look no further.
1. Shuffle Up is a game that combines skills and exercises designed with football in mind. There are over 70 different skill cards and 14 games which can be played from 4 years old upwards – younger children may need some help, but older children will be able to manage it alone.
2. If children want to create their own drills in the garden, or drill their siblings and friends, these markers are fab. They come in a range of colours, are durable and come in a handy bag.
3. This English football stadium map poster is a colourful addition to any football-mad child’s room. It will help them understand where teams come from as well as the geography of England!

The Lionesses’ success in July this year at football’s European Championships is proof of what a great footballing nation we are. The 2022 men’s football World Cup has definitely generated its fair amount of controversy but regardless of what you think of it, it’s clear to see that football still captures the world’s imagination and attention. It’s easy to see why boys and girls alike take to it  so easily and why football Christmas gifts will be under the tree this year once again.

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