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Introducing the Paceman 176 cricket bowling machine

by katie malkinson 16 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The Paceman 176 XT is a best selling cricket bowling machine that is compatible with the 60g Paceman bowling machine balls (light, limited edition and junior)..

Manufactured by Dimension Sport, it is able to swing the ball as well as spin the ball up to speeds of 100 kpmh. This video demonstrates how a leg spin or off spin delivery can be generated

The Paceman 176 XT bowling machine is also fully portable as it simply connects directly to a 12V 18AH SLA battery. Alternatively it can be operated from mains power. These options make it a bowling machine that can be used not only in the garden but also in the park or at the cricket club.

Recently launched are two new additions to the Paceman 176 family: the Paceman 176XR and the Paceman 176XL.

The Paceman 176 XR is an entry level machine that has a lower price point but is unable to swing or spin the ball. It is sold with a 6 ball feeder and can be mains or battery operated.

Excitingly, the Paceman 176 XL has all the same functionality as the 176XT but it is also compatible with the heavier reg or kph Paceman balls. Although the heavier balls only have a top delivery speed of 60 kmph.

For a more robust bowling machine, that is compatible with a heavier ball and is capable of  delivery speeds up to 90 kmph, take a look at the popular Paceman 245 Edge Bowling Machine. A great choice for home and club use.

This chart handily summarises the key features of all the Paceman bowling machines.


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