Introducing the Paceman 176 cricket bowling machine


The Paceman 176 XT is a best selling cricket bowling machine.

Manufactured by Dimension Sport, it is able to swing the ball as well as spin the ball. This video demonstrates how a leg spin or off spin delivery can be generated

The Paceman 176 XT bowling machine is also fully portable as simply connects directly to a 12V 18AH SLA battery. Alternatively it can be operated from mains power. These options make it a bowling machine that can be used not only in the garden but also in the park or at the cricket club.

Please note the Paceman 176 is only compatible with the 60g Paceman bowling machine balls (light, limited edition and junior). For a bowling machine that is compatible with a heavier ball, take a look at the Paceman 245 Edge Bowling Machine.

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