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Tennis - Amelie's Story

by katie malkinson 22 Jan 2023 1 comment

The Australian Open tennis is a January staple and it feels like every year, there are more and more British players!  It’s fantastic to see.  Here is a future British player we hope, Amelie Brooks, talking us through her career to date and why she loves the sport.

I’m a national level tennis player and playing tennis has always been my passion. Ever since I picked up the racket at the age of four, I knew that tennis was the sport for me, mentally and physically. I am 16 now so I have been playing for about 12 years and those years have been full of experiences, achievements, challenges and learning.

My family has always been very sporty and supportive - my mum played tennis as a junior too and I know she’s there for me and my game.  When I was younger, I lived off the thrill of playing. I was like a puppy that just wanted to keep chasing down every ball! I still am puppy-like but my game has developed a lot more than just chasing the ball!

Playing tennis makes me feel unique on the inside and outside. I believe that tennis allows you to express yourself on court, and off the court it can help build your confidence and self-belief.  I know that tennis has helped me to grow as a person, a player and a performer.

I definitely see myself as extremely competitive, so I love playing tournaments. Some of my successes include:

  • 10U national level singles – Won
  • 12U national level doubles – Won twice,
  • 12U Tennis Europe singles and doubles, several, Finalist
  • 12U Middlesex County Closed championship – Won three years in a row, equalling British professional tennis player Anne Keothavong!
  • 14U Tennis Europe doubles – Won
  • ITF junior singles and doubles title – Won
  • 18U Represented England in the Junior Home Nations tournament
  • 18U Successfully defended my Middlesex girls’ singles title.

However, these are just my on-court achievements: as a person I have gained so much throughout my tennis journey: maturing on court and off court, learning from my mistakes and expanding my social skills. I love the travelling and believe that it is such a key part to tennis. It allows me to experience new cultures, languages, foods and places which I enjoy very much.

 Being a tennis player is one of the most challenging journeys as it’s full of ups and downs. However, it’s not just losing and winning; my biggest challenges have been my mindset on court. I can get highly frustrated during matches and that has sometimes been my downfall. Usually, the frustration comes from a lack of self-confidence, anger because of a tricky opponent or sometimes I put too much pressure on myself.

On other days, my self-confidence is strong and helps me through tougher matches; sometimes I am more mature against tricky opponents; and often I use the pressure to push me to win. Another great example of the highs and lows of tennis has been Covid and lockdown. I’ve been through so many different emotions during recent years, but I’ve battled through and found a way with my team.

My team are some of the most important people in my life and they’ve guided me through my journey. They’ve taught me, supported me and, most importantly, been there for me.  I have signed up to take my level 1 coaching qualification they have inspired me that much and I also like knocking up with some of the junior players too.

For me, development is ongoing in this sport as you’re constantly learning, improving and changing.  I never stop looking to create new goals for myself in and around tennis.  Tennis is my career path and my daily focus. Excited to continue on the pro circuit!

Thanks Amelie – we’re excited to see you progress! 

If this has inspired you to start serving up tennis to your little one, check out our kid-friendly tennis kit here and if you have any questions, give us a call.

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1 comment

28 Oct 2023 Lee
Well done Amelie. Fascinating to read your journey. Hope you make it to the pros.

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