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Meeting Theo Again at the #SBS Winners Event

by katie malkinson 31 Mar 2012 0 Comments
Little Big Sports Theo Paphitis #SBS

Friday was an incredible day. As an owner of a small business, meeting Theo Paphitis and being recognised as one of his Small Business Sunday winners was an honour. In reality it was so much more than that.

Theo is genuinely committed to helping small businesses. Speaking, answering questions and creating our collective vision for #SBS for over two hours was testament to that. His passion, experience and charm shone through.

Unveiling a new website to showcase the competition as well as providing a platform for all winners was something I was not expecting but will be invaluable on many levels. It will help with Marketing, SEO, provide advice as well as cementing and facilitating a powerful support network of other likeminded businesses.

To top it all I met some fantastic people and had a peek at the Edgbaston cricket ground. The scene of many memorable English cricket wins!

For any small business owners out there reading this blog, I whole heartedly encourage you to enter Small Business Sunday every week. To increase your chances of winning interact with @TheoPaphitis and other #SBS winners. Be persistent as the PR, the opportunities and the support network it brings are priceless.

Theo Paphitis #SBS Logo
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