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A Day at the Forest

by katie malkinson 15 Feb 2012 0 Comments
Entering the City Ground
Nottingham Forest Mascots Enter the City Ground

My husband is a lifelong Nottingham Forest and by default so is my son. This is unusual. At his football coaching he is the only one wearing a non Premiership football kit. Imagine his (but mainly my husbands) delight when he was chosen to be a mascot at Saturday's npower Championship Match between Nottingham Forest and Watford.

Meeting the Mascot
Max meets Forest mascot Robin Hood

It was a day of very mixed emotions. Very sadly the club's owner, Nigel Doughty had passed away suddenly the weekend before. His family were all in attendance at the match and many of the staff were visibly shaken as they were clearly very close to Mr Doughty. That said, they could not have treated us better. They were welcoming, charming and made the day even more special.

Max is going to have some amazing childhood memories. Meeting players in the dressing room. Leading the players out on to the pitch. Shaking the match officials and Watford players hands. Having a shot on goal. All of this whilst his mother had a tear in her eye. The match was enjoyable too, although a shame it ended a draw.

True to form, Max is inspired. All he has done since Saturday is write team sheets and play football. Without question we have another lifelong Nottingham Forest fan in our house now! Even our daughter is now showing interest in football!!

A big thank you to Nottingham Forest Football club.

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