New Strider Balance Bike for 2012

Strider Balance Bike ST3

The best selling ST2 Strider Balance has been improved with the release of the ST3 Strider Balance Bike for 2012. Our daughter loves her pink Strider bike and this new one has some great features making it even better for youngsters to learn to ride.

The improvements include:

STRIDER™ Mini -Grip Handlebar and Mini - Handgrips
    1. STRIDER™ Mini -Grip Handlebar and Mini - Handgrips - Instead of using adult sized grips, the Strider™ ST3 features a smaller diameter mini grips to better fit a child's hands.

    1. STRIDER™ Mini- saddle on 220mm Seat Post - Smaller, narrower and lighter than a typical saddle to better fit a child.

    1. STRIDER™ Ultra-light One-Piece Moulded Wheel - Combines strong, lightweight wheels with the Toddler proven EVA Polymer Tyre that never goes flat.

    1. Weighs only 2.9kgs - A reduction in weight from 3.2kgs, this enables the youngest of children to easily manoeuvre the bike.

    1. Custom STRIDER™ Handlebar Pad STRIDER™ Handlebar Pad - Adds extra protection and looks great too.

Shop now for the new model ST3 Strider Balance bike.

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