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Inspiring a generation with a little help from the parents!

by katie malkinson 10 Feb 2014 0 Comments

On Sunday morning I flicked the television on and stumbled across the heats of the Women's Snowboard slopestyle. My son and I were gripped. The athleticism, speed and camaraderie between the competitors was incredible. After an utterly compelling hour or so a new sporting star was born. Jenny Jones from Bristol became the first Brit to win a medal on the slopes in the Olympics. A great achievement and surely one to inspire a generation of snow boarders...particularly as her first experience was on dry sky slopes in Bristol at the age of 16!

What I loved more than anything though was her post race interview. It was wonderful to see her excitement and joy at achieving her dream. Even better than that was the emotional moment when she spoke to her parents. The viewers were privy to an amazing family moment and it certainly left us all with tears in our eyes. Without doubt Jenny Jones deserves all the congratulations and praise she receives but I think her parents deserve a pat on the back too.

If you haven't watched it here is the link to the wonderful post race interview.

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