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Importance of Appropriate Sized Equipement

by katie malkinson 13 Nov 2011 0 Comments

Children today grow quickly. To help this development happen correctly, it is important to the use of the right size sports equipment. For example many children are given a bat or a ball that is far too large for them, more than often it’s an average size for an adult.

Giving children the correct scope and weight for their size helps the muscles and joints develop properly and at the right pace, not putting too much strain on their bodies in this vital time of growth.

Children that show natural ability towards a sport can further improve their skills and potential to be a good sports person with use of appropriate size equipment.

Another important factor to consider for growing active children is the correct amount of sleep. When children sleep the growth hormone is released and the body has time to recover from its busy day.

A good nutritional diet is crucial, with plenty of vegetables and protein to assist their developing bodies as well as an adequate amount of water to help keep them fresh and active. Cutting back on added refined sugars, which clog up our children’s brains and tummies is as equally as important.

Alicia Proud- games coach and nutritional advisor.

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