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Sporting detail

by katie malkinson 18 Oct 2011 0 Comments

I just love my son's attention to detail, particularly when it comes to sport.

This week we had a play date at a friends house after school. Whilst the girls happily pottered around, the boys recreated the Rugby World Cup. It was hilarious. An enthusiastic rendition of the English National Anthem, complete with nuzzling and hair ruffling started the proceedings. Followed by a very energetic and slightly disturbing version of the haka with very vigorous over use of the tongue. Then the "rugby" started. Rugby in the very loosest sense of the word. I am not sure they had any idea of how to play. It mainly involved kicking the ball into the bushes and "scrummaging" whilst shouting "Pause, Engage!". My friend and I sat mesmerised for ages just loving the focus and enthusiasm.

None of this however tops my son coming downstairs last year with his pants on his head. They were doubling up as a Formula 1 protective headwear. Check out the photo.

Am I alone or do your children need to recreate all the detail in their play?

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