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Football Goal Sizes: The Ultimate Age Group Guide 2024

by katie malkinson 31 May 2024 0 Comments

Feeling inspired by the football and want to create your very own Olympiastadion Berlin in the garden? Then look no further than Little Big Sports Football Goals and Football for all your equipment.

Age-appropriate equipment is essential to maximise enjoyment in any sport and its just the same for football goals. So here’s your ultimate guide including links to all our best rated products by leading manufacturers like Samba, and Quickplay. We’ve also included some great training and rebounder goals so that even practice on your own can be great fun.

Our table and goal size image makes it easier to compare formats. And, all sizes are recommended by The FA so it’s official.

Football Goal Visual Size Guide

Mini Soccer Goals U7/U8/U9/U10

For Mini Soccer games played by Under 7 to Under 10 players, the recommended goal size is 12ft high x 6ft wide. Player numbers should be 5 a side for Under 7 and Under 8 and 7-a-side for Under 9 and Under 10.

Samba Match Football Goal – 12ft x 6ft

Quickplay Q Fold Football Goal – 12ft x 6ft

If you have a family split between football and rugby, you can keep everyone happy with the Samba Football and Rugby Goal Post at 12ft x 6ft.

Youth Football Goals U11/U12

Children playing Under 11 and Under 12 football use 16ft wide x 7ft high goal posts.

Samba Match Football Goal – 16ft x 7ft

Quickplay Q Fold Football Goal – 16ft x 7ft

Youth U13/U14

Youth players aged 13 and 14 use slightly smaller 21ft x 7ft goals for 11-a-side matches.

Samba Match Football Goal – 21ft x 7ft

Youth U15/U16/U17/U18 and Senior

From Under 15 through to adult, the recommended goal size is 24ft x 8ft for an 11 a side game.

5-a-side and Futsal Football Goal Size

For 5 a side games the measurements change slightly.
For Under 7 and Under 8, it’s the same with a 12ft high x 6ft wide.

Samba Match Football Goal – 12ft x 6ft

Quickplay Q Fold Football Goal – 12ft x 6ft

For older children and seniors, the gaol is 16ft high x 4ft wide.
For Futsal, a variation of 5-a-side football played on a hard court, use goal posts measuring 9.8ft (3m) wide x 6.6ft (2m) high.

Training goals

For smaller spaces and ideal for training are the smaller Samba Aluminium Folding Football Goal as well as the smaller sizes of the Samba Trainer Football Goal or Samba Match Football Goal.

We’ve also got the really flexible Quickplay Kickster Academy Goal and the very popular Quickplay Kickster Combo Goal and Rebounder which combines a goal with a rebounder for practice.

Remember, using the right goal size enhances player development and ensures consistent training-to-match experiences. Happy goal-scoring! 🙌🏼🎉

Football Goal Size Guide Table
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