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Family Friendly Paralympics

by katie malkinson 19 Sep 2011 0 Comments
Without wanting to wish away our lives, we are very excited about next year and London 2012 in particular.

There was huge publicity and demand Olympic tickets. Here at Little Big Sports we were lucky to get our hands on tickets for the hockey, so the whole family will be able to enjoy the Olympic experience. I can safely predict that my son's new sport of choice next August will be hockey!

But did you know that the ballot to apply for tickets for the Paralympic games close at 6pm on Monday 26th of September? Without question it will be an amazing and inspiring sporting extravaganza. Obviously most of the events at the Paralympics will be family friendly but some will be more appropriate for all the family than others. The C4 Paralympic website have written a guide to the best family friendly events. Click here to read more. Have a read and get your application in before the 26th of this month...
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