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Tip For Coaches to Engage with Young People

by katie malkinson 26 Sep 2011 0 Comments
Run Fun Starz LogoRun Fun Starz is a London Based sports programme that aims to get kids and adults into sport and encourages them to achieve their personal best. Their Blog is a great resource for coaches and parents. The following article helps coaches to engage with younger people.

The first step to engage young people in activities, sports and programmes is to involve them in the decision making process. This can be done by holding discussions where they are able to voice their views, ideas and any concerns they may have. Young people can be very imaginative and enthusiastic therefore some of their ideas may not always be feasable. Ensure that you show appreciation to it even if it is unfeasable and demonstrate the reasons they cannot be carried out. Don't dismiss what they have to say as they are likely to feel they are not being listened to. Suggest alternatives to their proposals which are on a smaller scale and achievable in the short and long term. Read more at RunFunStarz Blog.

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