Active Holiday in France

Zoggs SunsuitsJust returned from the most amazing holiday in the French Alps. Spent a blissful 2 weeks (the longest break since the children came along) enjoying glorious weather and scenery. The first week of our French adventure was staying with friends not far from Lake Geneva. Having hosts that lived there meant we were straight into the swing of things. Swimming in the lake, running down mountains and enjoying the huge network of outdoor swimming pools. Not to mention the very fine wine and cheese. We then moved on to a cabin by Lake Annecy. Stunning does not do it justice. For us it was the perfect holiday destination. Sunshine, friendly and lots to do. Everyday we were active with the kids. Highlights included a 40 km bike ride along a cycle path with the lake on one side, the Alps on the other and the summer luge at Semnoz. What struck me was how active everyone was. The roads were full of cyclists; young and old. The lakes brimming with swimmers and kayaks. Come winter everywhere will be geared up to fantastic snowy pursuits. Cycling by Lake AnnecyWe have come back motivated in three area's. One to have a more active lifestyle and to explore more of the Outdoors with the kids. Secondly to look at selling kids cycling products as it is a great way for kids to have fun and to be active. Thirdly we are going to plot our retirement in the French Alps (not that I am wishing my life away!).

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