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Gift Ideas For Children Between The Age Of 5 And 8 Years Of Age

by katie malkinson 13 Nov 2017 0 Comments

Second in our series of blog posts, we are focusing on gifts suitable for children aged between 5 and 8 years of age. This is a key time in a child's life to encourage activity and for exercise in what ever form to become the norm. With this in mind we have selected our best christmas gift ideas that are sure to get kids (and parents for that matter) active.

Reactor Rebounder Net

This rebound net is brilliant at encouraging physical activity and building sporting confidence in young children. The Reactor Rebounder Net returns a thrown ball at differing angles helping develop the child's catching skills as well as providing hours of fun. Sold with a ball, the Reactor Rebounder net is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
Rebounder Reactor Net

Cornilleau Sport One Indoor Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is a fantastic sport for all the family. Not only does it build hand-eye co-ordination, it improves brain agility and is hugely sociable game. The Cornilleau Sport One Indoor Table Tennis Table is a brilliant, affordable table which is sold complete with net, posts, bats and balls.
Cornilleau Sport One Indoor Table Tennis Table

Samba Rugby Post

Young children love emulating their sporting heroes. If rugby is their passion there is no better way than recreating a match and practicing their kicking in the garden with a Samba Rugby Post. Designed with a clever no holes system this ensures the garden stays in tact . A hugely popular product with kids and parents alike!
Samba Rugby Post

Zing Flashing Stump Set

If cricket is becoming of interest to your child then look no further than the Zing flashing cricket stump set to further inspire them. This set will recreate the excitement of T20 cricket as the stumps light up when the ball dislodges the bails. Great fun.
Zing Stump Set
There is plenty more inspiration for gifts perfect for an active child in the gift section of our website which can be navigated by age. Coming very soon is a blog with older kids in mind.
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