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Introducing the Paceman Bowling Machine

by katie malkinson 16 Jun 2014 0 Comments

My sporty, cricket loving son (and the inspiration behind Little Big Sports) has since his toddler years spent hours playing cricket with us, his friends and by himself. The test matches he plays on his own, that genuinely last 5 days and are incredibly complicated, will be remembered forever in our family!

He recently turned 8 and this coincided with the arrival of the eagerly awaited, more affordable 2014 model Paceman Bowling Machine. A perfect gift for a cricket mad child and as it turned out fantastic for all of us.

Our garden is not particularly big so I was a little anxious when we set up the Paceman but with careful positioning of the stumps, the machine and my daughter it delivered the perfect work out for my son. With speeds up to 90 kmph we stuck to about a 6 on the speed dial (out of a maximum of 10) which was enough for my son and my husband but gave them both plenty of room for improvement! Even my daughter got in on the act but she wouldn't ditch the "Hello Kitty" flip flops.

Paceman Bowling Machine

If you are looking for a present for a cricket loving child and have a budget of around £200, I can whole heartedly recommend the Paceman Bowling Machine. Not only is it a fantastic piece of equipment it will keep all of the family entertained over the years ahead and without question will improve all of our batting techniques!

My customers agree too. Within 48 hours of the first orders being despatched I received two spontaneous, glowing testimonials:

"Received our Paceman bowling machine today and thoroughly recommend. Great fun for all the family. Thanks for keeping us updated on delivery. Excellent service and exceptional value for money." Noel Tilbrook

"Just to let you know the bowling machine arrived yesterday. Dry run in the garden last night. My 7 year old son is enjoying every minute. Thank you" Chris Mehew

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