New Beginnings


The Olympics were without question a huge success. The challenge going forward is to keep up the momentum and genuinely inspire a generation for longer than a few weeks. If our outing to the park at the weekend is anything to go by I believe it will succeed. Within the first few minutes and still in the car park we overheard two families that have never met each other before discussing which route to take on the river in their brand spanking new canoes! On entering the park, everywhere you looked it was teeming with activity; basketball on the free courts, tennis, football, running races, cycling. The list goes on.

For us it was "inactivity". It was the first time we have taken the children out for a proper cycle on their bikes without stabilisers. Both are quite capable. Our 6 year old pedals with great gusto but panics at any dog within a 100 metre range from him causing him to stop or cycle in the opposite direction. My just 4 year old daughter is very proficient as a result of her Strider Prebike apprenticeship but kept stopping to "think". Otherwise known as attention seeking! A start though and very amusing it was too. Hopefully next time we will burn off some calories!

Have you or your family tried any new sports or become more active as a result of London 2012?
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Our daughter proudly showing off her pink Strider bike but again not moving!.

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