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London 2012; Sporting Inspiration

by katie malkinson 01 Jan 2012 0 Comments
London 2012 Clock Trafalgar Square

Happy New Year to you all. Welcome to 2012, which should bring sporting inspiration to kids across the UK and the world. We certainly hope so. We have witnessed how watching cricket on TV has inspired our son . The Olympics have the potential to ignite sporting passion for thousands of children.

Just before Christmas we took our kids to see the London 2012 countdown clock in Trafalgar Square. They were so excited, even to see a weird shaped piece of metal with some numbers on it! At 5 and 3 years old, it takes a little explaining but their chat on the way home was filled with excitement. This year will certainly put London on the map and if there is one legacy, then let it be that we get more kids away from the xbox and out in the garden or park playing sport. Getting themselves fit, building skills for the future and most importantly having fun.

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