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Cricket Balls: A Comprehensive Size Guide

by katie malkinson 28 May 2024 0 Comments

As a junior sportsperson, enjoying the game while developing skills is essential. One critical aspect of this enjoyment is using the right equipment tailored to your age group. In our Cricket Ball Size Guide, we’ll demystify cricket ball types, sizes, and weights to help you make informed choices.

Readers Womens Leather Cricket Ball

Below are the main cricket ball types and sizes.

1.Full-Sized Cricket Balls (Men’s Cricket)

2. Intermediate Cricket Balls (Women’s Cricket)

3. Youth Cricket Balls (Junior Cricket, under 13)

4. Soft Ball Cricket (Junior Cricket, Under 9)

At Little Big Sports, we offer cricket balls in all sizes, along with a wide range of other cricket equipment. Shop cricket now to find the perfect gear for your game!

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