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Sporty Christmas present ideas under £50

by katie malkinson 05 Dec 2019 0 Comments

For children who have already found their sport, then some proper kit is what they would love this Christmas. These are just a few gift ideas to help them on their way to sporting success! All of the gift ideas are under £50 in price.
Backyard Cricket Fielders - a perfect present for the cricket enthusiast who is keen to replicate a match in the garden. Not only do they add fielders to a match, they importantly help the batsmen practice accurate shot placement.
backyard cricket fielders
Quick Play Kickster Academy Football Goal – all budding footballers want a football goal but not all parents want a permanent goal in the garden! This football goal is easy to assemble, easy to take down and you can even pack it up and take it out and about! Join junior football teams across the country in having this top-quality goal ready for the goals from your little Steph Houghton or Harry Kane!
kickster academy goal
Zsig tennis net – this tennis net works well in small gardens and we, as a family, have found family members across the generations all love it: hitting something across a net is an easy concept for all to grasp! Starting children young benefits their hand-eye coordination and helps them build lasting skills for sport.
tennis net
Children's golf gifts – golf is a sport for all ages and if Tiger Woods was hitting great shots at three years old, there’s no reason why your little one can’t as well! Little Big Sports stocks first putters which are great for children to get to grips with a golf club and combined with the PuttOUT Golf Putting Trainer, they could really see some improvements in their short game! Another great golf gift is the US Kids Golf Yard Club which comes with three golf balls and a moulded grip to help with the correct hand position. The limited flight golf balls mean that it’s safe for this to be used in the garden.
tennis net
SwimFin – these make great stocking fillers – an unusual shape to unwrap! A buoyancy aid shaped like a shark’s fin, these bring some fun to swimming lessons … and children might just like to wear them around the house too!
I hope that these ideas have inspired you. If you have any questions, do contact me as I know all the products on my website really well so I can help you with any questions you may have. But don’t delay! Items do sell out at this time of year and my last guaranteed posting day (for most products) is 11am on Friday 20th of December. Happy shopping!!
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