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A perfect role model for kids?

by katie malkinson 23 Jun 2011 0 Comments
Hats off to Rory McIlroy for a spectacular victory in the 2011 US Open. A victory all the more remarkable for the composure and maturity he showed after he fell apart whilst leading the pack at the 2011 US Masters. What struck me more than anything was what a superb role model he is for kids playing sport. Clearly he is an incredibly gifted sportsmen with a beautiful swing and short game but it is his attitude that should also be applauded. He is immensely likeable as is evident by the support and praise he received from his fellow golfers and even the American public but he is also humble, centred and grateful for the sacrifices his family have made. If only all sportsmen were so grounded and down to earth. Move over Tiger the next global golf star has arrived!
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