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Little Big Superstars

by katie malkinson 16 Mar 2015 0 Comments

I thought you might be interested in hearing how our Little Big Superstars have been getting on!


My son, the inspiration behind Little Big Sports has been cricket obsessed since he could walk. Last year was his first full season playing Under 11 cricket and he loved it. The icing on the cake was the Awards ceremony he attended on Friday. We were all delighted when he was presented with his trophy for being the leading wicket taker! Role on the start of this years cricket season.

Tonbridge cricket club best bowling figures 2014

True to stereotypes, my daughter shuns all the sport my son loves but is enjoying dancing, swimming and the occasional horse riding lesson. This weekend she very excitedly took her first ballet exam. It was a great experience and we were very proud of her. We won't find out until after Easter but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she has been successful.

First ballet exam

I would love to know what your Little Big Superstars have been up to. Share your photos with the Little Big Sports facebook page or Pinterest page

P.S: Big respect to all the parents who ferry their sporty children around and provide endless encouragement!!

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