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CP Football - Joe's Story

by katie malkinson 13 Mar 2020 0 Comments

As you know, I’m a big fan of all children being involved in sport and love to hear their stories.

Joe is a family friend of ours and he is a wonderful boy. He has cerebral palsy, but this never holds him back.  I am impressed by his tenacity, determination and his achievements in sport.

We interviewed him to ask about his experience of playing football. Please have a read and share his story.

Firstly, Joe, could you tell us a little about yourself please.

I am 12 years old and I live in Walthamstow in London. I am in year 8 at school and I am a Spurs fan. I play for Broxbourne Borough Cerebral Palsy FC  and I am a midfielder.

Cerebral Palsy Football

What is it about football that made you want to play?

I started watching it on the TV when I was 7, around the time of the 2014 World Cup. I watched the whole competition and from then on I played lots of football and watched as much as I could.

When did you first join the team at Broxbourne and what made you want to be a part of it?

I joined in 2015. I heard about the team from another club I was playing for. I have Cerebral Palsy and it’s especially for children with Cerebral Palsy.

How did you feel the first time you went along to training?  Were you nervous, excited, curious?   

I was really excited the first time I went to training because I wanted to see what the club was like and to play football of course!

How did you feel at the end of your first training session?

At the end of my first training session I felt really good. There were lots of other boys there my age.

Cerebral Palsy Footballer

What made you want to play again?

Well I always love to play as much as possible and I am usually looking to see how many goals I can score!

What are the best bits about playing football? 

I love playing football because it’s so much fun and it keeps me fit. I enjoy being part of a team and we have brilliant coaches: Gavin, Rob, Bobby and Harrison. I also love practising and having a kick about at the park with my dad or at school with my friends.

What would you say to a girl or boy who hasn’t played football like this before? How would you persuade them to give it a try?

I would tell them how much fun it is and it will keep them fit. If the person had Cerebral Palsy I would say to them that there are teams like mine and that anyone can play.

What other sports would you like to try and why?  Are there any local teams where you could have a go?  

I do get to try lots of sports at school (PE is my favourite subject). I would like to play proper golf at some point. There are a few golf courses in Essex, near where I live.

Thank you, Joe 

There are more opportunities for children to play sport than ever before and this also applies to more inclusive sports’ teams,which is truly fantastic.  If this is of interest to your child it is worth doing some research as to what’s available in your local area.  I have included some links to useful websites.

KickTrix have been big supporters of CP football so if relevant then check out their products.

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