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Cabin Fever

by katie malkinson 04 Jan 2011 0 Comments
I love snowy days, cosy family time inside and of course Christmas but as we settled into the lack of routine of the school holidays inactivity took hold. Without letting off steam my son in particular becomes irritable and resistant to doing anything apart from playing with his toys. I have therefore always tried daily to take the kids out for some fresh air and exercise even if it has just been ten minutes in the garden. This year so far the weather has been particular challenging and my 2 year old daughter is not good in the cold even when wrapped up in 5 layers! When the weather was good we went exploring in the snow, walked across the fields and took out the scooters...but the weather has too often been our biggest challenge, infact for about three weeks of December the pavements were so icy it was dangerous to even walk a few steps. So we have tried to be inventive. Trips to the golf driving range, games of kwik cricket inside, indoor obstacle courses and obviously sledging. We could have gone to soft play but I am not a fan in the school holidays as it is so packed and a haven for tummy bugs. How do you all keep your children active or is it best just to accept that these cold dark months are times for hibernation?
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