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bsporty - the magazine for all kids

by katie malkinson 14 Sep 2020 0 Comments

An online sports magazine for 7-14 year olds, bsporty was launched in June 2019 by Katie James, a sports and regulatory barrister and mum of three sporty boys aged 11, 8 and 5.

Katie had been looking for some positive, age appropriate sports magazines for her eldest to encourage him to enjoy reading more but was disappointed by the lack of choice online or in the shops. There were of magazines on individual sport, such as football, but very little else and nothing that covered children who may enjoy more than one sport! So the idea for a multi sports magazine developed.

Making it an online publication meant that Katie could add videos of sports action or skills in between the text to really bring the sports to life.Having seen the problems young people faced with some online material she was keen to make sure this was a safe place for them to browse and so all videos are approved by the National Governing Bodies of the various sports (as is the content) and there's no blogging or chat facilities on the site.

It's not just for sporty kids but for those who haven't yet found a sport for them or those who want to try their hand at the match official side of the game. It's full of inspirational, fun articles and interviews on a variety of different sports, technology or charities each month from popular team sports to lesser known individual sports. All of the articles have the direct links to try the sport or take it further if already enjoyed with the latest information on talent pathways. Those links are all provided by the relevant National Governing Bodies to safe sports providers.

The magazine is developing all of the time with increased links to sports and activity camps and kit so that readers don't have to search far to pursue the sport they are interested in.The sports covered so far range from hockey, rugby, netball, cricket and football to trampolining, skiing, ten pin bowling, skateboarding, baseball, snooker and table tennis with many more in between! Each month around 5 different sports articles are featured as well as a skills video wall for 'at home' activities.

There are a number of subscription options open for individuals and schools for as little as £3 a month for an individual bsporty subscription. Instead of a bsporty subscription you could opt for a Mintridge subscription which gives full access to the magazine but also, in turn, supports the Mintridge Foundation charity. Or there's an IAPS subscription for those pupils at an IAPS school - this gives pupils access to bsporty as well as a special IAPS sport magazine just for them with match reports, competitions, schedules of events, merchandise and more. Alternatively, from September there's a Youth Sport Trust subscription which gives access to bsporty as well as 7-14 year old specific YST material. For schools the subscriptions depend on the number of pupils.

To access this fantastic magazine simply visit and find the right option for your 7-14 year old.

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