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Win a Xootz Pogo Stick - CLOSED

by katie malkinson 17 Nov 2021

Over the last few months we have been working hard to expand our range to include lots of products that are perfect as gifts for Christmas. In addition to our bestsellers we now have a whole selection of new products that fit the bill and are perfect to encourage your child to be active.

We have curated the products by price range. If your budget is £10 or under then how about a Mega Bounce Bouncing Ball or a Jump Rope? If you have more to spend then there is plenty of choice: American Footballs, Skateboards, Dart Boards, Balance Bikes and Golf Putting Mats to name a few. 

To celebrate the launch of our gifting range we are running a competition to give away a Xootz Pogo Stick.  Pogo sticks are a brilliant way to encourage your children (and you!) to be active. The hours of bouncing will also help improve co-ordination and balance. Invented in 1957 the Pogo sticks name comes from the surnames of its inventors Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall

Congratulations to our winner Katie Gould! 

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