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Minty's Little Big Hero - Win Cricket Mentoring and a Feed Buddy - CLOSED

by katie malkinson 06 Apr 2021

 Do you know a worthy young person, 16 or under who has demonstrated accountability, commitment and other International Cricket Council Values throughout the pandemic?

We have all experienced an incredibly difficult year due to the Covid – 19 Pandemic. Young people are arguably going to be the most affected generation and Little Big Sports,  along with the Mintridge Foundation is determined to change that narrative. Here’s how...

We would love to hear from you; the parents, carers, coaches, teachers and teammates. We want to hear all about the young people that have showcased positivity and some of the International Cricket Council values; fairness, integrity, excellence, accountability, teamwork, respect for diversity OR commitment to the global game and its great spirit.

We will showcase the best stories on our online platforms and the best of all is that two lucky and very worthy winners will receive three months of remote mentoring in a safeguarded environment with ex Scotland International, Olivia Rae and a Feed Buddy to support them in their cricketing journey and leave a lasting legacy for these individuals.

cricket coaching olivia rae

This opportunity is open to young people across the entire UK, so please pass this information on to teachers, coaches, local clubs. You name it, we would love to hear from them. We would be very grateful for you passing this information on.

Whatever your reason, we would love to hear it. Nominate your worthy Little Big Hero here..

Congratulations to our winners: Henry Walsh and Katie Wilson. We look forward to following your cricket mentoring journey.


Little Big Sports is a business that is passionate about children playing and enjoying sport. It is their aim to play a part in making sport and activity a normal and fun part of as many children's lives as possible.

Partnering with the Mintridge Foundation is a wonderful opportunity for Little Big Sports to help support young people in their sporting journey through mentoring as well as providing sports equipment. It is the hope that this programme will leave a lasting legacy and positively influence young lives.

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