Introducing Shuffle Up Games!

Rugby and Gymnastics don’t seem to have anything in common however Gemma Coles, founder of Shuffle Up Games, wouldn't agree… If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that there is more overlap than you would think.

A strong core is an essential element for any gymnast, an abundance of strength, speed and agility makes gymnasts appear to do the impossible. Here is where the overlap comes in, as a strong core is also a key element for rugby players. Although they don’t fly through the air with poise as gymnasts do, they still need a solid base to work from for scrums, kicking and tackling during both training and matches. 

Gemma identified that grassroots rugby players were missing out on this vital training. Typically, specific strength and conditioning sessions aren’t offered, unless you are an elite level, national player. So she created a skills and fitness game perfect to fill this gap, aimed at making strength and conditioning more fun, enjoyable and accessible to all. Players don’t necessarily need a tonne of equipment to get involved, it can be played amongst friends and family with no need for direct supervision from a qualified coach. 


Shuffle Up Rugby Game


The game includes 70+ different cards, with each one demonstrating the correct technique of the movement, along with step-by-step guidelines for rep ranges and difficulty levels. These cards are then used for the 14 games which mean that you don’t need a dedicated strength and conditioning session to improve this element of your Rugby.

The Shuffle Up games can be used individually to beat your own scores but when used in pairs or groups have a healthy level of competitive fun. Benefits from strength and conditioning include strengthening supporting muscles, increasing mobility, stabilising joints and enhanced coordination. So considering the games are packed with fun they are a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a game for a budding rugby player.

Shuffle Up Rugby Game

Each game from Shuffle Up is created with the help of sporting experts in their respective fields. The Rugby game was launched with help from Level 2 RFU coach, Stuart Gallacher. Stuart  also owns Rippa Rugby, a business dedicated to coaching rugby in schools across the Southwest. 

There are four games in the range: gymnastics, rugby, tennis and football. The games can be used from 8yrs+ independently, and from 4yrs+ with help from an adult and are now available to purchase on our website, so take a look at the shuffle up game range

To celebrate the launch of Shuffle Up Games we are running a competition to win a Shuffle Up Rugby Game and a Rugby Ball

Congratulations to our winner Miles McGinley 

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