Zing Flashing Cricket Bails
Already have stumps but want to experience the Zing? Then these flashing cricket bails are the product for you. Compatible with any stumps the technology results in the bails lighting up when they are dislodged by the bowler. The stumps...
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Sidearm Club Cricket Ball Thrower
Looking for effective batting practice? Then look no further than the Sidearm Club Cricket Ball Thrower. This affordable piece of equipment offers quality batting practice and is loved by cricketers and cricket coaches alike. With delivery speeds of up to...
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Home Ground Back Stop Cricket Net with pocket
Dimension Sport have launched a backstop cricket net for the garden. This version includes a pocket to handily collect the balls Please note the netting is not suitable for golf practice.....but it is for cricket, football and baseball. This affordable...
£78.99 £75.99
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GM Opener Cricket Set
Great first cricket set for young children to start playing and enjoying the game of cricket. The set includes a molded plastic cricket bat, an all weather set of stumps with a sturdy base and a rubber ball. Suitable for...
from £11.99
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Aero 3 Star Vintage Batting Pads
The 3 Star Vintage batting legguards are a great choice of batting pad for junior cricketers. This ambidextrous pad features a 6 piece cane front with a sculpted side wing. The shin is protected by three padded stitched in vertical...
from £25.99
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Kookaburra 2000 Spike Cricket Shoes
The Kookaburra KCS 2000 is a hard wearing, eye catching cricket spike shoe. Designed with comfort and support in mind, the KCS 2000 is the ideal spike for cricketers. Available from adult size 3. Recommended from personal experience. Features: Strong...
from £32.99
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Readers Target Stump
The Readers 28"  single stump is a great training aid for cricket fielding and bowling drills. This full size stump is on a spring ensuring it recoils back to the upright position when hit.
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Paceman Pitch Attack with 6 balls - Free Delivery
The Pitch Attack manufactured by Dimension Sport is the most affordable cricket bowling machine on the market. As with the other Paceman bowling machines,the Pitch Attack produces accurate, reliable bowling simulation allowing the cricketer to practise their shots in their...
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V Pro Cricket Practice Net
Like the V Pro Elite, the V Pro is a unique solo cricket training aid designed to  encourage and strengthen batting particularly in the  "V".  It is smaller and lighter as is the ball than the V Pro Elite making it more suitable...
£139.99 £134.99
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Paceman Strike Bowling Machine with 13 balls - Free Delivery
The Paceman Strike Bowling Machine is a great performing, robust, quality product for junior and adult cricketers alike. With variable speeds over 100 kmph it is perfect for repeated accurate, reliable bowling simulation in the garden or at the cricket...
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GM Diamond Cricket Set
The GM Diamond Cricket Set is a great wooden cricket set for the garden or park. Endorsed by Ben Stokes, it contains a bat (either size 3 or 5), a soft ball, stumps and bails as well as an additional...
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Supido Sport Speed Radar - Free Delivery
The Supido Sport Speed Radar allows children (and adults) to measure movement or ball speed across a variety of sports. This is helpful to measure, analyse and track performance as well as being fun. With its hands free set up,...
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Crazy Catch Upstart Classic
The Crazy Catch Upstart is a two sided rebound net ideal for improving reactions and hand/eye co-ordination. One side is "sane" resulting in a consistent rebound. The other is "insane" with a random rebound to challenge reactions. The frame is...
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The V Pro Elite Cricket Practice Net
The V Pro Elite is an innovative cricket training aid designed to be used on your own in order to encourage and strengthen batting in the  "V".  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the V Pro Elite provides an intensity of...
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