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Win a Strider Balance bike - CLOSED

by admin 07 Nov 2019
Win a Strider 12

Cycling is a great way for the whole family to be active together but teaching children to cycle can be challenging. Balancing takes practice, bikes are heavy and stabilisers are clunky. It doesn't need to be though with the award winning Strider 12" Sport Balance Bike.

Suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years, the Strider is incredibly light and easy to control. Featuring a padded saddle and a long seat post, the Strider bike grows with your child. Not only will your child be active but the progression to a pedal bike will be seamless as they will have all the transferable skills they need. This was certainly the case with our daughter.
Congratulations to our winner, Alex Hemingway!

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