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Win a Rounders Set Worth £26.99 - Closed

by admin 29 Mar 2014
Win a Beach Rounders Set Worth £26.99

As we have broadened our range of rounders equipment here at Little Big Sports, we thought it was about time we had another competition. We are offering you the chance to win a Beach Rounders Set worth up to £26.99.

The Aresson Beach Rounders Set includes all the equipment you need for a game in the garden, park or the beach. Rounders is such a great game for friends and all the family including the the grandparents!

The set includes:
1 x plastic rounders bat
1 x soft ball
4 x rounders stumps
1 x size 3 plastic cricket bat
Rounders rules

A huge congratulations to our winner Iona Cornish!! Thank you to all the wonderful people that entered. Another competition, our biggest ever will be live soon so watch this space!!

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