Bola Professional Bowling Machine with 12 Balls

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The BOLA Professional Machine is renowned for its ability to simulate spin, swing and pace bowling. With 19 different settings it has an adjustable speed up to a maximum of 95 mph . The 2022 model has enhanced functionality due to its sophisticated electronic control panel. The user can adjust the time delay between deliveries as well as selecting random increments of variation in speed and swing to test the batsmen.

As with earlier models the 2022 Bola Professional features brushless motors which drive the delivery wheel. This means the the bowling machine will run longer from a battery charge, is lighter to carry around and has better control response.

It operates from 12 volt battery or using a BOLA power supply enabling it to be used from a mains outlet.

Unlike other retailers we include a pack of 12 BOLA 5oz Practice Balls in our price. These polyurethane practice balls simulate a regulation cricket ball and are dimpled like a golf ball for stable flight. Please note only practice balls can be used with the BOLA machine.

The Bola Professional package includes a set of standard 2m tripod legs with stands. Short legs and two part legs can be added as extras but please contact us for pricing.

Please note the Bola Professional is not sold with a ball feeder, This must be purchased separately.

With a 10 to 15 year life cycle the BOLA Professional bowling machine is a wise investment for cricket clubs, schools and the serious cricketer.

Delivery is free of charge.


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