Golfing Christmas Gift Ideas


As a mum myself, I know it can be tricky to think of original Christmas gifts for children, so I thought I’d give you a helping hand!  If you have a budding golfer in the family or a sports’ nut who would like to try something new, we have lots of equipment at Little Big Sports to help them get started or improve their golf game.  Most of these products would make great gifts for adults too – although they might need a bigger putter!

 Putting aids

Putting makes up 40% of an average golfer’s game and it can be a sticking point for many a player.  Thanks to crazy golf, children are familiar with this part of the short game and a putter is a great club for them to try first.  US Kids Golf is a very well-known brand, and their first putter is very popular with our customers.

It’s all well and good having a putter but you need somewhere convenient to practise!  Most people’s lawns have too many ‘flaws’ for them to replicate a golf course so why not buy a putting mat?  The PuttOut mat creates the greens for you at home, indoors or outdoors thanks to its thick nylon back which means it can lie flat almost anywhere.  It comes with targets and alignment lines and is easy to fold away and transport.  You could even combine it with…

The PuttOut golf putting trainer.  This curious looking piece of plastic is really very clever, creating a golf hole in your back garden or indoors.  Balls that are hit on target and with the right ‘force’ for the distance will stay in the ‘hole’, just as they would on a golf green.  It is small and can be taken anywhere meaning that as long as you have your putter with you, you always have a way to entertain your child! 

These putting aids will help your young golfer reduce the percentage of their game spent on putting and we’re sure you’ll want to have a go too!

The longer game 

These gifts are great for the child golfer who’s ready to start with some heftier clubs than a putter, the kind of clubs that will send the ball further such as drivers and irons.

First up is the PGA Tour golf mat:  this allows the golfer to practise hitting the ball off a tee, the fairway and the rough.  Hopefully, it goes without saying that it should only be used outside and one of its main advantages if that it saves your lawn!  It is really robust and so can be used with a wide range of clubs.  I would strongly recommend that you buy it alongside …

The Quick Hit Hitting Net.  This will stop the golf balls from going ‘out of bounds’ into your neighbours’ garden or being lost behind the shed!  

Stocking fillers

Little Big Sports stocks other golf kit too which would make great stocking fillers – golf gloves and air float balls are always popular for the little golfer in your life. 

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Michelle Wiu and Charley Hull all started playing golf when they were very young and have gone on to have fantastic golfing careers.  It’s never too early to introduce your child to the wonderful game of golf and I love that with these products, you can do so in your back garden!

If you have any questions about any of these products then do get in touch – We are always happy to discuss any queries.


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